Yes I was crazy enough to do this again. Just felt I needed something to really push me beyond my current capability. 


Here is the original junior cycle I ran last year which moved my squat from 205kg max to 230kg. 





























The link to the first article I did on Smolov Jnr. 


Here is the cycle that I just ran in preparation for the IDFPA Single Lifts. 





























This time I did a few things differently which defiantly facilitated my squat during Smolov. 


1/ I kept a high volume training cycle for a number of weeks before the Junior cycle. This would ensure that the Smolov programme wouldn't beat me down too much and wouldn't "shock" the system. 


2/ I stayed between the 85-89% more frequently. This ensured I was lifting heavy weights for one rep once a week. More for technique and confidence boosting really. One example was I lifted 200kg for one rep for 6 weeks prior to running Smolov. The last day of Smolov I was doing 205kg 10 Sets of 3 reps. I'm pretty confident that if I didn't do those singles each week I would of been more worried going into those sessions. 


3/ Improved my recovery. Out of the 12 sessions. 9 of them i slept in thermal leggings covered in tiger balm. I foam rolled and stretched as much as I can. I took warm ups for long periods especially for week 1 as my body was aching bad from the training but once physiological adaptions occurred the doms reduced I didn't feel I needed to warm up as long. 


4/ Got more sports massages and did more myofascial release post workout. This was just to speed up recovery and reduce DOMS. Used a very "kinky" object for this. It was very helpful but now I have a Mr Gray reputation in the gym now cause of this haha. The said object is something similar to this....but with four balls....with more spikes..... next point!!

























5/ I improved my squatting technique prior to this. Reduced butt wink, braced my abdominals better. Sat back into my hips more which assists the low bar squat I use. Also I narrowed my stance to make use of my quadriceps more. 


6/ I introduced my dynamic warm up drills for my hips specific to squatting. Such as banded walks and banded squats. Bands went around knees encouraged me to push my knees out activated Glutes and hip Flexors. 


How each week went/felt in preparation for the IDFPA single lifts. 


Week 1 


Monday 6x6 160kg


Wednesday 7x5 175kg


Friday 8x4 185kg


Saturday 10x3 195kg


Overall felt pretty good bit sore overall 


Week 2 


Monday 6x6 165kg


Wednesday 7x5 180kg


Friday 8x4 190kg


Saturday 10x3 200kg


Soreness reduced, right hip tight not due to injury but due to belt positioning. Weights feeling fast. 


Week 3 



Monday 6x6 170kg


Wednesday 7x5 182.5kg


Friday 8x4 195kg


Saturday 10x3 205kg


No tightness or soreness just a but fatigued overall. Last day was good finished with 6 reps of 205kg on the last set. 


Deload week: I felt pretty good over this week a lot better than the previous time I ran Smolov Jnr. No aches or pains just watched what I ate slept more. The work was done had to just put it on the platform. 




Game Day, I was itching to squat literally just wanted to squat all day hahah 


Warm up was great very fast and light. 


Bar 10 reps

60kg 5 reps 

100kg 3 reps 

130kg 2 reps 

150kg 2 reps 

180kg 3 sets of 1 rep 

200kg one rep 


Then the Lifts 


210kg (flew up was so surprised at how easy this was) 

230kg (equal my all time PB and it was very easy as well) 

246kg (this was a 16kg PB, to beat the World Record which I got. Bit of a grind but very happy).






























Video of my 246kg. 


This was to re take the lead and get back the world record I lost from Barry Piggot who squatted 260kg. 


However It was not meant to be for me. I attempted 260.5kg, I was happy that I managed to get it out of the whole but need more strength and failed the lift. Still got 3 years in Juniors I have no reason to not be lifting 300kg raw squat when I'm 23. 




Smolov Jnr delivered again and I will take it up a notch and do Smolov 13 Week Squat Programme. This will be done in preparation for the 4 Nations on August 1st. The high volume nature of Smolov seems to suit me just have to find out of the 13 week one is a bridge too far or is what will take me to the next stage of my lifting career. 


After the comp my left knee as a but fatigued but other than that no real injures or pains. Was injury free through l of it. 


Here is my first two cycles of Smolov 13 week cycle starting April 11th. 


Introductory Cycle

























Base cycle 























I hope you found this helpful 


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Andrew Richardson
Smolov Junior Round Two: With the Russian Bear