IDFPA Interview Series

A range of interviews with some of the top lifters in Ireland and abroad, some great insights into training, nutrition, competition and some fun stuff in there too for good measure.

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Fionulla McHale

National and European Champion in the -63kg Division & National Record holder. 

Laurence McConnell

Year of production: 2014

Runtime: 26mins

Laurence is without a shadow of a doubt one of the all time greatest lifters to ever take the platform in Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting. Few men have squatting over 240kg in their 60's. A really powerful, emotional and insightful interview. 

Arlette Bomahou

Production year: 2014

Runtime: 17mins

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Arlette burst on to the Powerlifting scene in late 2013 and since then has put in numerous impressive performances and is one of the all out strongest ladies in the country. 

Barry Pigott

Year of Production: 2014

Runtime: 7mins

Barry is a man of few words but those words get right to the point. Barry is another great young prospect and has dominated the 82.5 juniors and is only getting better and better as he matures. 

Andrew Richardson

Year of Production: 2013

Runtime: 25mins

Andrew is without a doubt one of the brightest young stars in the sports, already a holder of World Records Andrew has an incredible insight in training methods and is set to become one of the worlds top lifters, watch this space. 

Faheem Chauhan (FAZZ) (Guest)

Year of production: 2013

Runtime: 33min

Another guest interview this time BDFPA Champions and record holder Faheem Chauhan.

Steve Shaw (Guest)

Year of production: 2013

Runtime: 15mins

The IDFPA is very happy to have a guest interview with American Drug Free Powerlifting Federations Steve Shaw as part of the Interview series to give an international view. 

Tomas Cuddihy

Year of production: 2007

Interview by Peter Lucey

Venue - CIT Gym

Interview with IDFPA secretary and multiple time champion and record holder Tomas Cuddihy. 

John West

Year of production: 20013

Running Time: 19 min

Quite simply John West is the IDFPA, the original IDFPA member and the longest standing current member. John continues to set World and National records well in his 70's and does not show any sign of stopping. 

Fionulla McHale

Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 23 min

Dr McHale has been one of the most consistently top performing ladies of the past number of years in the IDFPA and has the titles to show for it both national and international. 

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