Scott McSweeney




·         Name: Scott McSweeney

·         Age:

·         Height:

·         Weight:

·         Occupation:

·         Martial Status:Single

·         Years Experience:

·         Club : CIT Powerlifting

·         Hobbies outside training:


What are your personal and professional accomplishments in weight training? 


What first motivated you to start training?


What is your favourite lift?


Biggest Achievement?


What has been the biggest obstacle you've ever faced in achieving your goals?


How important is diet to you?


How often do you train and where? 


How would you summarize your training style and belief in training?


If you were given the controls to the gym music system what would you play?


What would be your number 1 tip for a young guy/girl aiming to build strength?What’s your biggest pet peeve in the gym?


Your favourite quote or words of wisdom?