Peter Lucey



Best competition Lifts

Squat 162.5kg 

Bench 135kg

Deadlift 207.5kg all raw 


What Titles have you held?

2014 National Single Lifts Seniors Bench Press, 

5th in Seniors at World Single Lifts. 


What is your training style?

I have used Sheiko Programs quite a bit recently, I would usually adjust depending on the comps coming, I like to use Smolov Jnr especially for the Bench Press to peak for comps. At the moment I'm using the Texas metod for Squat to see how it works1


How long have you been Powerlifting?

First comp was the Team Champs in 2012, I had been involved with coaching athletes before then but was coming off an 18 month

back injury from American Football.


What made you want to become a


I have always liked it, I really got into lifted when i 

started to play American Football with Cork Admirals, 

I was quite light when I was younger so needed to 

build up, the lifting then eventually became my first 



What are the biggest mistakes that

beginners make? 

For Rookies trying to over complicate things too soon, trying to get on a complicated system from the get go, enjoy your newb gain with a simple straightforward program. Also guys and girls max'ing out too often, I think they get used to when your a beginner being able to hit bigger numbers every week but once that is exhausted they just keep trying it over and over. If something does not work try something different! I very rarely would max out of comps now and I've made much more progress as a result and I would rarely to almost never fail reps in training. 


What is the craziest thing you have seen in Powerlifting?

Sean Canniffe forgetting to warm up and still hitting 6 out of 6 good lifts at the World Singles in Antwerp 2013. John West benching over 130 well into his 70's, Indra squatting 300kg sub 75kg, Alistair Murdoch benching 232.5kg RAW, you see some incredible and inspiring stuff. 










What is your favourite lift?

I guess the Bench Press cos its my best, I have lots of injuries from a past life that hinder my squat and deadlift but when i get a good run at them I love them, I've recently moved to a sumo deadlift and I'm really enjoying it!


What keeps you motivated to continue to work hard?

Drawing from what other lifters are doing and achieving and how the sport as a whole is devolping so well, after every comp or event I'm like to a bull to get back in the gym and better myself. 


What’s the biggest obstacle you have faced?

I spent about 18 months unable to perform any real training due to a very bad back injury, physios proved useless and I had pretty much given up on being a sportsperson, what actually got me back was when I got a Living Social deal for a Chiropractor down here in Ballincollig Cork - Doc Benjamin Martin, I went out with the goal of just being able to sit down pain free and he got me back training in a few weeks, I still go to him and he keeps me on track! 


How important is diet to you?

I used to be very stick and was quite lean for a long time, to be honest I got a bit sick of it and give myself more leeway now, I do eat pretty healthy most of the time, high protein, plenty of fruits and veg and good carbs but I don't sweat about it too much now. 




















How often do you train and where?

Depends on the type of training im doing at the time, I usually train in CIT in the College Gym mainly since its free and the equipment is good. I would usuall train about 4 times a week. 


If you were given the controls to the gym music system what would you play?

Some good rock/metal music, I do have controls of the gym music system but most ppl don't appreciate it all the time ;)


How do you fit your training/diet in around your career?

If you really want to do something you will make the time, no excuses, people who say they dont have time for it just dont really want to. 


What would be your number 1 tip for a young guy/girl aiming to build strength?

Find a good coach and learn good methods from the start, I wish I had that cos i pissed around for my first few years training cos the stuff they teach you in college is mostly rubbish. Do your research get a good place to train with good people and do well, also just cos someone is a good lifter does not mean they are a good coach.


What’s your biggest pet peeve in the gym?

People who don't tidy up their stuff after them, really grinds my gears and those chaps in their string bikinis posing in the mirrors 60% of their training, unless your prepping for some sort of phisique comp get over yourself. Also you ain't a Bodybuilder unless you compete ;) 


Your favourite quote or words of wisdom?

Most quotes from the likes of Mark Ripptoe are pretty dead on!


· Name: Peter Lucey 


· Age: 27


· Height: 5'10


· Weight: 83kg


· Occupation: Marketing/PR


· Years Experience: 3


· Fav TV Show/Film : Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy etc


· Hobbies outside training: Big American Football fan, played for 6 years and loved it.