David Twomey




Best competition Lifts

2nd at the world mini games

deadliftchampionships under 90kgs junior

(215kg deadlift)


1st in the national bench press

championships under 100kgs raw

and equipped junior (132.5kg raw, 155kg equipped)


1st in the Intervarsities representing WIT under 90kgs

junior raw (Squat 190kg, Bench 135kg, Deadlift 225kg)


2nd in the Worlds representing Ireland in the under 90kg Juniors raw (Squat 190kg, Bench 130kg, Deadlift 220kg)


1st in the Opens and Juniors at the Push pull under 90kg Junior raw and equipped (Bench 135kg raw, 160kg equipped, deadlift 225kg raw, 220kg equipped)


 6 national equipped records, 245kg squat single lifts, 170kg bench single lift, full power 240kg squat, 170kg bench, 240kg deadlift , 650kg total, and becoming world champion in the squat, bench and deadlift in the world single lifts in Germany dussledorf under 90kg junior


What first motivated you to start training?

I have always have had an interest from an early age seeing people training on TV and in movies like the Rocky movies or Uks strongest man or world’s strongest man on TV.  Found this really interesting and always wanted to train insane like the guys on tv like Sylvester stallone and Arnold schwarzenegger.



What is your favourite lift?

I like all three lifts but I’d say my favourite

would be Deadlift since it is my heaviest lift.


Biggest Single Achievement?

Qualifying for the worlds and being

able to represent Ireland at the worlds. 


What has been the biggest obstacle you've ever faced in achieving your goals?

Finding time to do everything since it can be hard to do everything sometime with college and work, you need to find a balance between working to support yourself and then college work on top of it. Then finding time to train and eat around that. It can be done if your determined enough to get everything in. Where there is a will there’s a way. 


How important is diet to you?

I have a big appetite and use to be on a “see food” diet, id see food and eat it haha, now ive cleaned it up a bit eating a lot more meat and high protein based foods and less carbohydrates in the diet apart from fruit to help decrease the body fat and keep me in the under 90kg weight class.

It can be hard sometimes eating

clean since “you can’t eat like a

mouse and expect

to lift like a lion” quoted by

Jim Wendler in his book 5/3/1.

All comes down to energy expenditure

put in, to allow for the same energy

expenditure put out lifting heavy ass weights.  


How often do you train and where? 

4-6 a week 


How would you summarize your training style and belief in training?

I have tried out a few programs to mix it up and shock the central nervous system to prevent the body plateauing. My reason for this is that you’ll only make so much progress sticking to one program and eventually plateau on this, to pass out this plateau you need to shock the central nervous system and this is done by introducing new exercises, changed reps or sets to encourage growth, strength, power, endurance depending on what your goal is. In order to keep progressing you need to keep the body guessing to allow the body to grow and work your weaknesses in order to make them your strength, “you’re only as strong as your weakest muscle” quoted from Colin Buckley Weight lifting Ireland coach for Olympic lifting. I believe my training is quite intense and full of high volume to low volume depending on what routine I’m doing on that day I enter the gym.   



If you were given the controls to the gym music system what would you play?

The music doesn’t bother me to be honest I’m in there to train and not for the music. I just zone out and go in with my objective to get the job done and have a really good training session. 


What would be your number 1 tip for a young guy/girl aiming to build strength? 

Consistency is the key, Strength training is a marathon not a sprint it takes time and patience


What’s your biggest pet peeve in the gym?

People thinking they can bench a certain weight and have their spotters deadlifting each rep off the person.  People thinking they are squatting in the gym and doing “Butt crunches” as I like to call them. Curling in the squat rack…


Your favourite quote or words of wisdom?

“Train Insane, or remain the same”  ;) 




· Name: David Twomey 


· Age: 22


· Height: 5'6"


· Weight: 89kg


· Occupation: Gym Instructor in Goldstone gym and Fitness 


· Years Experience: 2 years working in Goldstone gym and fitness (Powerlifting started in 2013)