European Full Power Championships 2015


David Gagnon's review of the European Full Power Championships, held in the Worx Gym Gorey.

The Brothers Hickey

By Tomas Cuddihy

Ireland's strongest siblings

Tomas reflects on the recent Europeans and how much the IDFPA has grown in recent years

Guest writer Paul Hayes discusses what supplements do we really need for strength development

October 2014

The thoughts and Experiences of the IDFPA number 1 ranked Deadlifter 2014, the incredible Ernest Tuff

Nothing stops your progress more than an injury, its a issue that all athletes have to deal with and manage.

The Beast


What truely is strong? How do you compare lifters of all shapes and sizes? With one of the IDFPA's all time greatest set to return to the platform anticipation is at a high.

By Tomas Cuddihy

After suffering a serious injury Tomas gives his thoughts on how best to prevent them.

By Danielle Hayes

Danielle speaks honestly about her own experiences with Body images and how lifting has helped her overcome these issues.

by Tomas Cuddihy

The story of a lifter that re wrote many a record book, Brian still dominates the records in both full power and single lifts, one of the original hall of famers.

By Tomas Cuddihy

2013 proved to be a breakout year for Powerlifting in Ireland and the IDFPA, membership soared and the standards have never been higher!

By Niamh Hayes

Niamh Hayes give her thoughts and experiences on the world of ladies and lifting weights. 

By Danielle Hayes

Danielle journeyed from struggling with weight and body issues to excelling in the World of Powerlifting. 

By Tomas Cuddihy

IDFPA President, Hall of Famer and one of the best deadlifters in the country!

John West Story

By Tomas Cuddihy

My First Meet

By Kevin Barry

Making Weight Against All Odds

By Scott McSweeney

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

By Tom Daly

Helpful Helpings

By David Gagnon

Storm in a Teacup - World Championships 2012

By Tomas Cuddihy

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