IDFPA Mens Single Lift Bench Press Equipped Rankings OPEN

IDFPA Lifter rankings are determined from the Schwartz formula score recieved by the lifter at each IDFPA meet. The rankings are determined by the top points scores achieved by the lifter in competition. 

No.2 - Michael Coleman 
Score - 96.03
Competition - National Single Lifts
Division - 110kg Snr
Club - Finn Valley Vikings
160kg Bench @ 107.3kg 
No.3 - Barry Smith
Score - 82.42
Competition - National Single Lifts
Division - 60kg Snr
Club - Ire
100kg Bench @ 59.2kg
No.1 - Andre Du Plessis 
Score - 94.76
Competition - National Single Lifts
Division - 145kg M3
Club - Iron Gladiator
190kg Bench @ 138.9kg